Spring is the perfect time to spruce your surrounding up your home by replacing your flooring. Installing new flooring is one of the most effective ways to create a new look for your home and choosing the latest trends in flooring will add style and elegance to your new look. 
With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the latest flooring trends that we will see in spring 2020: 
Vinyl- in the past few years, vinyl flooring is enjoying increased popularity. It’s durable and scratch resistant, making it ideal for families with active children and lively pets. Choose vinyl flooring with real wood texture for a better appearance. Compared to other flooring materials, vinyl is inexpensive and it has good water resistance. 
Parquet- parquet flooring is known for its versatility and can be laid in different designs, such as chevron, double herringbone and classic herringbone. It’s ideal for modern or classic interiors. 
Wide Planks- wider planks are the new trend in 2020 and they are engineered as being more accessible. Wide, long planks are easier, faster and cheaper to install. If your home has smaller rooms, these planks make your interior space look bigger and more open. 
Rustic Floors- there will be more demand for rustic floors starting this spring. Good rustic flooring should have intricate finishes that give more dimension and depth to the floor. A reclaimed look and worn marks could improve the visual appeal of your rustic flooring. 
Monochromatic Colours- the white-wash finish trend has recently emerged and is spreading across the UK. It’s ideal for coastal beach homes and farmhouses. Brighter flooring colours can make interior spaces look more relaxed and bigger. There’s also a high demand for grey hardwood flooring and this trend doesn’t seem to change any time soon. Oak tones and natural woods are timeless tones that you should consider. Dark or almost black flooring is another option to consider for this spring. Don’t hesitate to look at current dark flooring products, if they match your interior. 
Responsibly-Sourced Flooring- sustainable flooring materials may include repurposed old flooring, planks from sustainable tree plantations and materials from licensed quarries. It’s an ideal solution for environmentally-conscious homeowners. 
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