Embracing Oak Wood Floor in your home  

If you are thinking of changing the look of your home then a good place to start is with the flooring. Your choice of flooring is the key to pulling together a complete look and is the thing that will give a room a certain ambience and a style that is all your own. 
And what better choice can there be than oak wood floor to make an instant impression? Oak is a hardwood which has been a popular choice for craftsmen in many different genres over centuries and that is because oak is not only extremely durable but is a very attractive wood with an appearance that improves with age. Oak wood has a certain grain that is very agreeable and practical for flooring which can define the look of a room instantly. Oak Wood Flooring is a classic, stylish, welcoming, and beautiful. And best of all it is hard-wearing and durable so it is perfect for any room in the home including rooms which experience high footfall. 

Make the most of the grain  

The grain and construction of oak means that it lends itself well to colour and texture. This means there is a good range of different shades of oak to suit every room and every taste and whatever you choose will only become more beautiful as the colour becomes richer over the years. Whether your preference is for a very light, almost white wood or the darkest and most opulent of shades you can find an oak wood floor to suit your style as well as your budget. In addition, oak also comes in a variety of oiled, lacquered or waxed finishes to give you even more choice. 

The benefits of oak 

If you want your flooring to be easy to clean and maintain at the same time as looking lovely then oak is perfect for this. All that is needed to keep it looking pristine is a once-weekly sweeping or dust mopping to retain the shine and bring out the colour. Oak is extremely resistant to damage from splitting as well as to damage from insects and fungi and this is another thing that makes oak such an enduringly popular choice. With flooring that is so hard-working you can be sure that spending money on repairs is something that you won’t need to worry about. 
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