Toughness and Durability 
How long will engineered wood flooring last? 
When well cared for, engineered wood flooring can last a lifetime and is one of the longest lasting flooring solutions on the market. The solid wood veneer means that your engineered wood flooring can be sanded down and refined many times during its life, keeping it looking newer for longer. 
Are engineered wood floors water resistant? 
Overall, engineered wood flooring is more resistant to water than other wood flooring alternatives but it is certainly not waterproof. Engineered wood flooring is a fantastic solution for living rooms, conservatories, staircases and underfloor heating and can be an effective solution for kitchens and bathrooms if well sealed. If you plan to install engineered wood flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, we recommend sealing the wood one final time once the flooring has been laid to ensure the small cracks in between planks are sealed and can resist water seeping through. Moreover, we always recommend you dry up any spillages as soon as possible to avoid the liquid seeping into the wood. 
Are engineered floors scratch resistant? 
While engineered wood flooring is fairly resistant to scratching, it is topped with real wood, meaning it is possible to scratch your floor with a little effort. For example, if you were to drag furniture around the room you may find scratches begin to surface. It is important to note though, if your engineered wood flooring does become scratched, our friendly Exeter based team can offer you help and support on how to repair your floor 
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